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Hello! My name is Celia Tewey. I am a musician and composer based in New York City. I have been both a classical and jazz trained pianist for 18 years and have experience with teaching, performing (solo, musical theatre accompaniment, jazz band and orchestra), and composing.

I started taking piano lessons myself when I was 5 years old. I developed a strong understanding of music theory and found my love for composing, arranging, and improvising. I believe in the power of music to expand the mind, give peaceful breaks to busy schedules, and help one develop a lifelong hobby that is meaningful and enjoyable. Most of all, piano is fun, exciting, and unique to each person. Jazz is both the history and the future of the music we hear today. I am so excited to share my expertise with you!

In my beginner and advanced piano teaching, I work closely with each client to tailor an experience that’s just right for them to make learning fun, enjoyable, and exciting. While we work on learning songs level-by-level, I place emphasis on the foundational skills of music theory, ear training, note recognition, reading and writing sheet music, and improvisational skills. I enjoy teaching music production as well, encouraging students to create their own music along the way.

I look forward to working with you!

My Skills: Beginner Piano: Start learning piano beginning with the basics.

Jazz Piano: Develop a deep understanding of jazz piano. Learn to improvise, play chords, and learn pieces across the genres of blues, gospel, swing, bebop, ragtime, and more!

Music Theory: Learning to read, write, and translate sheet music, starting from the basics onward!

Ear Training: Learn to listen and hear distinct sounds and patterns on the piano. Train your ear to recognize scales and tones as you play. And, learn tips and tricks for playing your favorite songs by ear!

Consistency: Learn patterns that repeat across jazz music that you can translate from song-to-song!

Breaking Down a Song: Learn how to learn a song the right way! Breaking it down makes it easier and it allows for you to learn on your own!

Coordination: Practicing mind-to-finger coordination will enhance your speed, agility, and improvisation skills on the piano! Finding Your Voice: Develop your own unique voice for improvisation and composing! Everyone has a different style, so let’s lean into what makes your playing YOU!

Get Recommendations: Where are you at in your piano journey? Where do you go from here? Sit down with Celia and get some recommendations of paths to take in your learning depending on your specific goals!

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